21.9.2014: Girl like me got under Top rated singles on Musicload!

"Girl like me" Top rated singles on Musicload

16.12.2013: New and first release on the House label Contenance Records. The mini ep "Girl like me" which was produced by Romanto with a remix by B.Fuse.


12.11.2013: Looking forward to playing with Bobby Monrow & Fynius Phond in Pimpernel Club in Munich on 14th November 2013. House music!


10.11.2013: Finished recording of vocals for coop track with Rowpieces.


17.09.2013: Finished some lyrics for a German Hip Hop-RnB production.


12.09.2013: Learning to play Jazz piano is so diffucult, but very fun. Playing the standards now training on "All the things you are" and "My Favorite things".


08.09.2013: Just finished some recording for a Soul Cube  & La Yee track.

Upcoming releases

I'vee been loving - Unsigned track (Soul Cube & La Yee)